Stupidly Long Walks

Serious walking by two moderately sane people





We’re doing the JOGLE in part because of the challenge to overcome, and in part to  raise some money for worthy causes.  We’ve chosen two to support; Soldier On and Radio Lollipop.

Our Fundraising portal is established with mycause.  If you would like to donate some money to these great organisations, you can do so here:

Soldier On is an Australian based organisation, supporting Service Veterans and their families.  They provide practical skills, and retraining for civilian careers, psychological counselling and support and advocacy.  There are a large number of former Australian service personnel living homeless, or disconnected from the post-service world they find themselves in, and many have debilitating psychological issues, such as PTSD.  Although small, the team at Soldier On provide a vital resource to those who are slipping through the cracks of normal support services.

Radio Lollipop provides distractions for sick kids in hospital, throughout Australia, NZ, the UK and others; whether it be volunteers playing games with the kids, or telling jokes, any distraction is a good one.  They set up local radio stations that operate in the hospitals that the kids can get involved in, requesting songs and assisting as guest DJ’s.  We volunteer with Radio Lollipop for events, taking R4-E1 in with some friendly Stormtroopers to visit.

Radio Lollipop

R4-E1’s the centre of attention, as always…