Stupidly Long Walks

Serious walking by two moderately sane people


The Kit

Under Construction.

Camping Equipment:

Tent: MSR Mutha Hubba 3 person, lightweight tent (2.2Kg) including a fitted groundsheet.

Mattresses:  Thermarest.  They are old, but still serviceable.  Very lightweight.

Sleeping bags:  Outer Limits.


Stove:  Jetboil.  At this stage we actually have two of them, so we’re planning on taking one burner unit and two cups (one each).  Very efficient and quick to boil water…just the thing if we need a brew.

Hiking Poles: Black Diamond Trail Shock Pro (and the women’s version for Dani).  These have a shock absorbing element just below the grips and, from our limited use of them, seem pretty sturdy, and very light.  Lots of people rave about their poles, so we’re willing to try them out and save our knees; will be especially useful on the mountain ascents and descents.

Packs:  Deuter Air Contact  (65+10 for Andrew, 50+10 for Danielle).  These feature a built in rain cover and, have a great frame system.