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Serious walking by two moderately sane people


D62 – Truro to Helston

Distance Travelled: 28.95km. Total Distance: 1,492.27 km  Weather: Wet and drizzley until the mid afternoon.  Accomodation: no 52.

Coffee in Penryn

A day for waterproofs.  Most of the time it was the annoying wet mist that soaks you by stealth but there were occasional downpours to keep things interesting.

Our original planning had us walking along a main road but recent experience had taught us this was a stupid idea, so we cut off to the back roads, first heading south to Penryn before heading west through Mabe Burnthouse.  Lots of hills today; we’re not really feeling them anymore from a cardio point of view, but the cumulative soreness and injuries of the last 2 months are catching up with us.  Dani’s leg is flaring up a bit and Andrew’s Achilles is starting to be an issue…oh well, we’ll survive for two more days, then we can collapse.

Entering Helston was interesting; really big hill going down and what can only be described as open top drains ran all the way downhill, shifting the huge amount of rain that had fallen.

Andrew went into the post office, as he has done more than 50 times before, all throughout the UK, to get the day’s stamp only to be told by the person behind the counter that they weren’t allowed stamp the form and that was that…  Pathetic, really and it left Andrew wishing that Esther Rantzen was still doing the jobsworth awards.  Andrew went to the police station (to try and get a stamp, not needing bail) but they were closed, but eventually the museum could help out with a sticker.  Small things.

Two days to go.

Longwalker • July 27, 2017

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  1. Roger cresswell July 27, 2017 - 10:09 pm Reply

    The old stamp issue again what a pain after a long days walk.
    I would have thought they could have given you a bigger cup than that Dani!

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