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D60 – Jamaica Inn to Roche

Distance Travelled: 30.2km. Total Distance: 1,434.40 km  Weather: Warm and sunny.  Accomodation: Travelodge.

We had breakfast then set off again.  Sadly we started the day back on the A30, but didn’t have to suffer it for long.

Temple Church, Temple

Andrew has a very strong interest in the Templar Knights, especially their impact on the latter middle ages, and our path took us past the hamlet of Temple in the Bodmin Moors, named for a Knights Templar Church built in the 12th Century as a refuge for pilgrims headed to the Holy Land from Ireland and Western Britain.  The church fell into disrepair in the 18th Century before it was rebuilt on the original foundations, with most of the original belltower.  Needless to say, Andrew was in full nerd mode.

The diversion took us along back country lanes, almost deserted traffic wise, and we were struck with the symmetry; walking along an A road, through beautiful country surrounded by gorse bushes…we could be back in Scotland on day 2…

Eventually we were back on the A30 until Bodmin, , where we stopped for lunch and a pint of medicine at the local Wetherspoons that was situated in a former Methodist church.

Bodmin boasts Cornwalls largest church, and we had a good look around, talking to some of the locals who were acting as info guides.  There is a ruined church school outside.

We had planned to continue down the main roads to Roche, but took a decision over our pint of medicine to hit the back lanes again and follow some of the Saints added about 3km to the day and about 300m elevation, but the quality of the walk was infinitely better, we even had a postman pull over and offer us some water; perhaps we were looking a bit dead.  Truth be told it was a long day.

…4 days to go.

Longwalker • July 24, 2017

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  1. Roger cresswell July 24, 2017 - 11:05 pm Reply

    Great scenery & a very interesting part of the walk you can’t beat a bit of ancient history.

  2. Dawn July 27, 2017 - 10:06 am Reply

    Love the photos of the church and ruins- great decision to follow The Saints Way ! Interesting hearing about the Templar Knights.

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